Keg Toss

How far will someone throw the keg this year? A long standing tradition, the annual Keg Toss is always a crowd-pleasing event as men and women compete to see who can toss an empty keg the farthest.


Saturday, May 12th at 3 pm.


Festival Plaza Entertainment Area


Registration for the Keg Toss begins at 2:30 pm and is open to Men and Women  18 years and older.


Registration is $10.00.


Cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for each division.

Official Keg Toss Rules

  • Each participant is required to complete and sign a release form prior to the competition.
  • There are two Men’s divisions: Under 175 lb. and Over 175 lb.
  • There is one Women’s division
  • Men throw empty 16 gallon keg.
  • Women throw empty 8 gallon.
  • Kegs may be thrown using one or two hands.
  • A spinning/twirling method, as in a discus throw, is not allowed.
  • Feet must not touch the foul line before the keg touches the ground
  • The keg must land within the designated target area.
  • The distance is measured to the initial point of contact. Bounces and rolls are not counted.
  • Score is determined by the single best distance in two tries. Any ties are broken with each tied contestant getting one throw only.

2017 Winners

1st Place Men’s Over 180 lbs
Jon Moyers

1st Place Men’s Under 180 lbs
Andrew Reid

1st Place Women’s Overall
Kasey Werpecinisky

2nd Place Men’s Over 180 lbs
Jordan Kriesli

2nd Place Men’s Under 180 lbs
Aaron Flaherty

2nd Place Women’s Overall
Hannah Lloyd

3rd Place Men’s Over 180 lbs
Harris Bivin

3rd Place Men’s Under 180 lbs
Nick Henderson

3rd Place Women’s Overall
Harlie Tidd