Bar-B-Q Festival

The International Bar-B-Q Festival is the preview to summer and everyone is ready to stroll through our downtown area and enjoy the food, the shopping, the socializing, the entertainment and the fun starting on Friday evening and ending on Saturday afternoon.

Browse these pictures and see why our motto is “Come for the Food, Stay for the Fun!”   by clicking or tapping the gallery titles.

Governor’s Cup

Cooking teams start early preparing to cook up to 600 pounds of mutton and pork, 400 chickens and 60 gallons of burgoo each for Festival attendees.  They are competing for the top prize at the International Bar-B-Q Festival – the Governor’s Cup – that will be awarded on Saturday evening.  Please don’t be offended if no one will share their secret recipes. Many have been passed down from generation to generation.

Backyard Cookoff

The Backyard Cookoff brings together some of the best outdoor cooks in the region to compete for the coveted grill master title at the International Bar-B-Q Festival.