2016 Festival Voted #3 in the USA/Ten Best BBQ Festivals

The Owensboro International Bar-B-Q Festival was voted #3 Best BBQ Festival 2016 in the USA TODAY 10BEST competition.  An initial group of 20 Festivals were nominated by two BBQ experts and readers chose the 10 best from that list.  Owensboro not only has great bar-b-q; it is a community that supports the celebration each year to recognize our BBQ heritage!

Owensboro #8 out of 11 Best BBQ Cities in America

According to posting by YAHOO!Food on in February 2015, Owensboro is one of 11 best bar-b-q cities in America per Andrew Zimmer/Thrillist and everyone has been invited to our International Bar-B-Q Festival in May for our hickory smoked mutton and burgoo.