2016 Festival Planning Begins!

Planning for the 2016 International Bar-B-Q Festival begins in August 2015.  This will be the 38th International Bar-B-Q Festival.  Mark your calendars for May 13th & 14th, 2016.  Downtown Owensboro offers fantastic areas to sit and visit as you enjoy bar-b-q and burgoo and maybe a funnel cake!  Don’t forget to visit the Owensboro shops and restaurants as you stroll through the Festival and enjoy their local specialties.  Come back and visit our website often for updates.

Owensboro #8 out of 11 Best BBQ Cities in America

According to posting by YAHOO!Food on in February 2015, Owensboro is one of 11 best bar-b-q cities in America per Andrew Zimmer/Thrillist and everyone has been invited to our International Bar-B-Q Festival in May for our hickory smoked mutton and burgoo.